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Theories of Change, by Beyond Intractability
by Ilana Shapiro
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This short essay provides a conceptual framework for articulating and mapping program’s theories of change, i.e. or the core often implicit assumptions about how change happens that guide practitioner’s intervention design.

It briefly reviews a variety of theories of change for resolving ethnic conflict in light of scholarly research and theory – particularly in the field of psychology.

The short essays draws further on different topics in different sections where it talks about  mapping theories of change, and what attributes a good theory of change should possess. It also discusses change theories from the individual perspective, social change from the community perspective etc.  It concludes by summing up what the challenges are in articulating and differentiating theories of change.

Distinguishing the assumptions about change that shape current interventions is important for refining theory, improving practice and ensuring the appropriate use of interventions.

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