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The Hidden Life of Theory of Change

Sep 20

An end-term evaluation of the Citizen Agency Consortium. How does the way advocates strategize relate to formal ToCs, which often fix agreements rather than being used as a living, guiding tool that helps reflection and adaptation.

The truth of the work: Theories of Change in a changing world

Oct 17

Critiques the existing ToC practice and its emphasis on accountability, control and compliance. It stresses the notion of a ToC as a collaborative learning process and how a good theory for human change processes is as much art as it is science.

The added value of Theory of Change: How Changeroo lifts societal value creation strategies to greater levels

Sep 17

In this post we discuss how Theory of Change (ToC) thinking in general and Changeroo specifically can be of great value to organisations. We discuss the different functions of Changeroo and how these help organisations in realizing their mission.

Putting learning at the centre: Adaptive development programming in practice

Aug 17

This paper critically engages with the problem that much development thinking remains stuck in a linear planning model and makes clear why and how learning needs to be at the centre of adaptive development programming.

If using ‘Theories of Change’ cannot transform the way you operate, why bother?

Aug 17

Building on "Theories of Change: time for a radical approach to learning in development", this World Bank blog post shares additional thoughts on the use of ToCs and how they might be improved.

The web of institutionalisation: Assessing Uptake of ToC Thinking in Hivos

Aug 17

This document applies the institutionalisation elements identified by Levy (1996), as part of the internal assessment by development organisation Hivos of the institutionalisation of Theory of Change thinking in their organisation.

by Hivos

Process Oriented Theory of Change Facilitation: Surfing the Wave of Complexity

Aug 17

This paper explores the relationship between complexity thinking, group process facilitation, and the use of Theory of Change. It suggests certain premises and metaskills we should always consider when facilitating ToC and complex group processes.

Learning about Theories of Change for the monitoring and evaluation of research uptake

Aug 17

This practice paper captures lessons from recent experiences on using 'Theories of Change' amongst organisations involved in the research-policy interface. The paper argues that Theory of Change will be inadequate in the context of complexity.


Capacities for Doing and Thinking ToC in Development Organisations

Aug 17

A reflection on the necessary capacities for ToC doing and thinking.

Understanding Theory of Change in international development: A review of existing knowledge

Aug 17

This paper reviews the concepts and common debates within the Theory of Change literature, resulting from a detailed analysis of available donor, agency and expert guidance documents. The authors followed up this review with fieldwork.


Nexii Webinar series 2012-Theory of Change Fundamentals

Aug 17

In the webinar session, David Colby provides an insightful overview of Theory of Change methodology, and highlights the strengths of using such a tool for planning, strategy, organisational learning and evaluation.

Defining Theories of Change

Aug 17

This is a review of three conflict affected countries using theories of change. It found out that the process of articulating and reviewing theories of change adds rigour and transparency, clarifies project logic, and highlights assumptions.

Local NGOs and their contribution to social change in Latin America: Paradoxes and contradictions

Aug 17

Hivos embarked on a process of action-oriented learning rethink and critically reflect on how to understand and accompany social organizations and local NGOs to develop social change in the South.


Feminist Movement Building JASS

Aug 17

A case study of how JASS seeks to integrate learning in its Theory of Change.


Who owns the Theory of Change?

Sep 17

Does "total ownership" from different stakeholders involved in agreeing, developing and monitoring a ToC lead to ownership and attribution?