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Theory of Change: A guide for small and diaspora NGOs
by Cathy James
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So many people in the development world are talking about ‘Theory of Change’ but many are confused as to what it really means. This guide, written for small and diaspora organisations as part of the Common Ground Initiative Peer Learning Programme, therefore aims to demystify theory of change and highlights a few useful resources for further exploration.

What is “Theory of Change”? Where has Theory of Change come from? The aim of the guide is to help address these questions and highlights a few useful resources. It includes the following: it clarifies what Theory of Change is and how it fits with the logframe. Part 3 shares some benefits and challenges of using it and who has found it helpful. Part 4 suggests how to encourage southern partners to reflect on and/or develop their own Theory of Change. Part 5 provides some practical ideas about how to go about a Theory of Change process (including participatory ranking and analysis tools that have been helpful) and how it can support strategic planning and monitoring, learning and evaluation. The final section or Part 6 draws out what makes a good Theory of Change process.