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Step - Strategy narratives
by Changeroo
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Strategy Narratives: ToC as a Foundation for Communication

A Theory of Change offers social organisations an excellent basis for communication and engagement. Societal value creation is what a social organisation is about. To a social organisation issues are strategic because of their effect on its ability to create societal value or in other words their effect on its ToC.

Therefore, Changeroo enables social organisations to discuss the issues important to their organisation from the perspective of the organisation’s ToC and its capacity to create societal value. To this end, six themes can be applied on the elements and relationships of a ToC: ProgressValidation & AssumptionsTrade-offsInnovationsNeeds, and Opportunities & Threats.

Applying a theme creates a wiki-like page in Changeroo dedicated to the issue. Each such page has a title, allowing for easy identification of what the page is about, and is flexible in content.

Co-creation and Stakeholder Engagement

Community Guidelines

To make sure the Changeroo platform is a powerful vehicle for change, we’ve put together a few ground rules.

Content pages focus on consensus, integration of information and objective facts, instead of repetition and endless texts. Social organisations can open up these pages to stakeholder feedback and input.


  • Share your expertise and resources to be of influence and help social organisations move their social mission forward. Seek opportunities to contribute that align with your own values. Present yourself through your contributions.
  • Learn from stakeholders’ feedback and improve your understanding of an organisation.
  • Be constructive in your criticism.
  • Be open to disagreement and listen to other people’s opinions. Change happens when people with different backgrounds and perspectives can participate in a conversation.
  • Be reasonable, kind, respectful and use common sense.
    Do not use hate speech, do not impersonate others, do not violate others’ privacy, do not bully, do not be unnecessarily graphic, do not spam and do not break the law (which includes respecting copyrights in your posts).
  • Update your ToC with developments. When you’re candid with stakeholders and tell them what we do and don’t know and make them part of the process, it’s much more engaging for them.