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Step - Narrative Change story
by Changeroo
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In this step you extend your narrative with a textual summary of your visualization. Use storytelling to create a compelling change story that explains the change processes and the strategies employed to activate and steer these change processes. The change story thus helps readers understand the visualisation, its main features, and how you are of added value to society. In addition to text, you can also use other types of multimedia to make it more engaging.

Of course, storytelling is interactive and a two way street. Therefore, whereas you build and present the generic core of your change story here, you may want to adapt it to your audience when you are “out in the real world”.

Elements of a Good Narrative

BonchekM. Bonchek (2016) How to Build a Strategic Narrative, Harvard Business Review. Available here. discusses some of the features to look for in a good narrative:


Further reading

* E. Bridger (2015) Creating your strategic narrative, in: Employee engagement, London: Kogan Page Limited, pp 92-95. Available here.

*Story Telling for Good,

Other Information to Present

The content page containing your narrative is flexible, so you can be creative in what else to include, such as:

  • A summary of the highlights from the strategy narratives you’ve written
  • A summary of your latest impact report
  • Information about partnerships
  • The most important assumptions underlying your ToC
  • Timelines (targets to be achieved before a certain date)
  • Illustrations using multimedia