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RSPO’s Roadmap Towards Sustainable Palm Oil
by Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil
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The RSPO Theory of Change (ToC), is a roadmap that demonstrates how RSPO will achieve its vision; to make sustainable palm oil the norm. The ToC infographic and supporting narrative outlines the key strategies and activities RSPO will implement, together with the support of members, partners, and other actors, to trigger the transformation of the palm oil sector. The strategies are intended to bring about direct outputs in the form of increased adoption of the RSPO standards, greater transparency and inclusivity in the RSPO system, increased market uptake of sustainable palm oil, and improved enabling environment.

Over time, these outputs lead to outcomes that are expected to improve the quality of life of oil palm farmers, create a more prosperous palm oil industry, and enable us to better conserve our planet and its resources. These benefits are then reciprocated by companies and consumers in the palm oil supply chain, as they realise the importance of sustainable sourcing, which leads to increased market demand for sustainable palm oil. When the ToC is fully realised, it delivers change where it matters most – on the ground; a space where oil palm, the environment, and local communities can co-exist in harmony.

Infographic also available in French and Portuguese.