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Developer instructions
by Changeroo
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Title: Seamless Integration Guide: Embedding Our Theory of Change Tool Using an iFrame

Greetings esteemed developers,
We appreciate your interest in integrating Changeroo seamlessly into your applications using iFrames. To assist you in this process, we provide a concise step-by-step guide:

Step 1: Obtain the Embed Code
Access the specific Theory of Change you wish to embed with administrative privileges. Locate the “Share” button inside the hamburger menu ( you can find the hamburger menu at the top of the left menu) and find the code snippet within the “Embed” section.

Step 2: Insert the iFrame Code
Navigate to the HTML file where you plan to showcase your Theory of Change and paste/insert the code snippet obtained in step 1.

Step 3: Customize to Align with Your Vision
Tailor the attributes within the iFrame code, such as width and height, to align with your application’s aesthetic. This customization ensures a seamless integration that resonates with your users and visitors.

Step 4: Test, Refine, and Test Again
Conduct thorough testing to ensure optimal functionality. If any issues arise, return to our tool to obtain a fresh snippet or contact our support team for assistance.

Step 5: Unveil Your Integration with Impact
Once your integration is perfected, present your creation to the world. Allow users to experience the benefits of an interactive Theory of Change that evolves over time and to which they can contribute.

Thank you for successfully completing the integration process. We are delighted to welcome you to a community of innovative developers dedicated to positive change. Should you require assistance, our support team is only an email away.

Best regards and happy coding!


Frequently asked questions

Can I embed a Changeroo Theory of Change in Sharepoint?
Yes, you can seamlessly embed Changeroo in Sharepoint while retaining all interactive features. Follow the instructions at Microsoft’s support page to complete the embedding process.

Does it matter whether the ToC is public or private?
Regardless of whether the Theory of Change is set to private or public, you have the option to embed it as an iframe. Public ToCs are accessible to anyone, even those not logged in on Changeroo.

For private ToCs, you have a choice through a dropdown menu. You can opt to restrict access to the embedded ToC to only users logged in on Changeroo, or make it visible to anyone with access to the hosting page. For instance, when embedding a private ToC on your intranet where all users are trusted, you might choose to make the private ToC viewable to all intranet users, regardless of whether they have a Changeroo account.