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Changeroo guiding content overview
by Changeroo
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Here we provide a Table of Content for the guiding content as part of the Changeroo web application.

Theory of Change Guide


General narrative

Types of boxes

Strategy narratives

Expert lenses

Key sources

  • Sue C. Funnell & Patricia J. Rogers (2011), Purposeful program theory: Effective use of theories of change and logic models. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass.
  • Marjan van Es, Irene Guijt & Isabel Vogel (2015), Hivos ToC Guidelines: Theory of Change Thinking in Practice, Hivos, Available here at the ToC Academy.
  • John Mayne & Nancy Johnson (2015), Using theories of change in the CGIAR research program on agriculture for nutrition and health, Evaluation, 21(4). Available here.


Changeroo builds on the contributions and expertise of a wide group of people. Changeroo is grateful for their support and expertise.

Wim Blok
Saskia Brand
Jan Brouwers
Caroline Desalos
Irene Guijt
Marjan van Es
Wouter Hijweege
Trudi van Ingen
Martin H. Klein
Ingrid Plag
Wouter Rijneveld
Wout Visser
Isabel Vogel
Hettie Walters