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An introduction to Theory of Change
by Andrea Andersen from the Aspen Institute Roundtable on Community Change
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Instead of thinking about TOC as the “magic bullet” that can solve all of the planning and evaluation challenges, it should rather be seen as a tool to learn how to ask fundamental different questions from those we are used to.

This is a series of different articles by different authors. The section that is of relevance to this blog post is on page 12 – Introduction to theory of change by Andrea Andersen. In this article, she delineates what  a ToC is, what the process is of creating a ToC, what is the value in creating a ToC, and concludes by giving us the difference between a ToC and a logic model. The take home message in this article is that individuals encountering a ToC for the first time should be open minded and should see the extent to which it can help them to be better strategic thinkers throughout all their work, and not think of it as only a planning tool.

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